And why I’m quitting the stuff.

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Human consumption of coffee dates back to the 15th century, where animals were seen eating coffee beans and not needing sleep. Coffee was used first in the Islamic world for religious practices including hunger suppression, increased focus for study and staying awake during Ramadan, then later was offered in coffee houses before spreading to Europe and beyond.

Today we gulp it down by the gallon, start our days with it, glamorize it on Instagram, and add caffeine extract to everything (including weird things like shampoo and Lay’s potato chips). …

And these are all the reasons I’m deleted it again

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I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I am a bit of an introvert which doesn’t bode well with algorithms and I can’t compete with the oversharing of some extroverts. Personally, I don’t think we stop to consider the implications of oversharing enough, especially in the long term and for our careers. I also prefer writing, with the written word being my preferred medium of expression. Even though a picture is worth a thousand words, I’m the kind of person who would prefer to write a thousand words than…

Follow them to increase your financial knowledge, income and net worth

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I recently started using Instagram again after 3 years off the platform. I’ve started from scratch with a new account and a new focus — to only follow accounts that will provide me with education or inspiration. I love my friends, but I don’t need to see their vacation photos or what they ate for dinner yesterday. I want to use Instagram for it’s best at; connecting strangers and sharing glimpses into other people’s lives.

So with my brand new account (and the 3 random posts I’ve been inspired to add so far), I decided to start following financial independence…

It’s not a passive income strategy, but it was a quick way to make extra money

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Real estate (even if you rent) have the potential to make money, but many of us only use our apartments to eat, sleep and …. But have you ever considered renting your apartment out on the weekends?

Airbnb has fundamentally changed the way we travel. We no longer have to rely on the prices set by hotels or hostels, or only travel to visit friends with a spare bedroom. Now, we can travel to any city and, for a few days, live there. …

Disclaimer: You must repay them in full every single month

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Credit cards have a bad reputation because they are traditionally used in the wrong way.

If used correctly they can be very useful and offer rewards and bonuses that don’t come with a debit card.

In the past credit cards were only offered to high earners, but this has changed, as card companies realised they can make more money from those who shouldn’t have cards (this should never be you!).

The idea behind getting a credit card should be so that it frees some of your actual money up in…

Write about all things Financial Independence/Retire Early here!

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Hello and welcome to Financial Independence/Retire Early.

This is a new publication dedicated to the pursuit of Financial Independence and FIRE, featuring real stories, tips, hacks, highs and lows, and what comes after you reach your FI number.

I am seeking to curate the best content on Medium about how to live your best life while working towards having enough money and not needing a 9–5 job, or to worry about having enough money. I want to hear from writers who would like to explore the following topics:

  • Your personal take on…

Because some stories need to be told, shared and amplified

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The Financial Independence/Retire Early movement has something for everyone.

My parents were following Mr. Money Mustache years before I understood the true meaning of his blog and the ideas he was sharing. While my father loved his concept of ‘stash the cash’ and tells me at least once a month to save more, he seemed to have missed the index investing part of MMM’s blog. …

Are you wasting your time chasing money?

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“Look at your cash everyday if you must, your bonds every five years, and your equities only every ten years” — unknown

Like many people, I spent most of 2020 glued to my computer — reading online news sites, countless blogs, Medium, Twitter, Facebook, anything that would keep me informed about what was happening in the world, and everything that would distract me from daily death statistics and the unknown virus circulating outside.

One of those distractions became the Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) community. As I stopped commuting to an office and stopped buying lunches, coffees, and cocktails outside…

Pondering the art of quiet observation in Stefan Geyer’s Zen in the Art of Permaculture Design

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Zen in the Art of Permaculture Design opens with a quote from a Zen teacher:

“For Zen students a weed, which for most people is worthless, is a treasure, and just like the Zen student, permaculture students also have the ability to see the potential in an ordinary weed, and so stands to learn a lot from Zen teachings.”

Originating from the Chinese adaptation of Buddhism, the concept that was later termed Zen spread through Korea, Vietnam and across to Japan, where it finally…

Be careful with what you tweet…. Past tweets can destroy your future

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Imagine being offered a life-changing job in one of the worlds largest magazine brands. Everything you have worked for has paid off, and this position will be a stepping stone to some of the most prestigious roles in the future.

Imagine losing the job offer after someone went through your Twitter account, highlighting tweets you wrote 10 years ago and then forgot about.

This is what happened to Alexi McCammond. A successful political reporter who covered the 2020 elections, she was recently named as the next editor-in-chief for…

Laura is writing....

Recovering Travel Writer. Passionate about personal development, Financial Freedom and FIRE. Founder of the Financial Independence / Retire Early Publication.

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